About Us

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Jewelry By Kitten LLC was established in 2010 by Annette and Brittany Benson a Mother and Daughter team who shared the same passion of accessorizing with  jewelry.

Founded on the notion that they could make their own  fashionable jewelry and save money, by hand they begin to design their very own  jewelry for personal use. Designing each piece of jewelry as a one of a kind token to express their individuality. As they wore their handcrafted jewelry, loved ones and co-workers  admired there designs and requested customs orders of their own. The customer orders never stopped.

On November 5,2016 JBKLLC  opened up a Boutique at Eastpoint Mall "J.B.K Boutique" has expanded their women's handcrafted jewelry collection with men and children  jewelry to accommodate the entire family . Also they have adventured into the buying and reselling of  handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, and womens apparel.

They have  participated in community events such as Essex Day and The Aberdeen Fire Department Annual Craft Show. Also JBKLLC have hosted numerous private jewelry parties and  jewelry parties at local Nursing Homes throughout the Baltimore MD area.

These two ambitious women are a one of a kind duo that represents nothing less than royal and elegant unique fashion.